This week, we will be bringing stories from our Sea-Tri-Kan bike riders who are cycling across the state to raise awareness and support for World Relief’s refugee employment program.  They will be riding from our office in Kent to our office in Tri-Cities, then finishing at our office in Spokane.  To learn more about the program and World Relief’s life changing work please visit


Author Gerrit Hoeks of Calvary Chapel South

We’ve just completed the first leg of our five-day, 400-mile cycling journey across the state of Washington. 23 soaking wet riders have rolled into Camp Sheppard for the evening, just outside of Mount Rainer National Park.

STK Day1

Gerrit wringing out his socks.

When we began our trip at the World Relief Seattle offices in Kent, WA the weather was teasing us. The sun was shining and it looked like it would be a beautiful ride.  Within the first ten miles we began to feel raindrops, then the sun said goodbye, then it down poured, then we had puddles in our shoes.

My wife and I are not really cyclists. Three months ago we didn’t even own bikes.  But we were looking for an adventure and we got excited about the idea of doing something with meaning.  It has been quite the adventure already; from the training, to the fundraising, to the numb toes.

It’s been awesome getting to know new people who are rallying around a cause and learning more about refugees and how World Relief comes along side them to help with some of their biggest challenges.

We’re looking forward to Day 2 – The BIG Climb… and we’re praying for sunny days ahead

1 thought on “SEA-TRI-KAN – Day 1

  1. Karleen Kennedy

    I was surprised and excited to see you all on TV taking off on your bike trip from World Relief in Kent!


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