Married for Good

This is Ali.
She is a wife and a mom, and she finds great joy in capturing the beauty of the world through her photography. She particularly loves capturing the beauty of people in love as they celebrate engagement, weddings, and marriage.
She also has involved herself in the refugee journey in a very unique way, born from a deep belief in the connecting power of love. “I am convinced that marriages are about connecting to something greater than ourselves,” Ali shares, “And if we want our marriages to not only last but thrive, we need to connect with the love in the world. As my incredibly wise husband often says, marriage doesn’t happen in a vacuum. “
As Ali watched the most recent refugee crisis unfold, she knew that she wanted to do more with her business and with the couples she works with. Her response: For each wedding shoot, Ali Hormann Photography will donate the money needed to outfit a kitchen for a refugee family. 

“I thought since each [newlywed] couple gets to register for kitchen supplies, it be only fitting that their love make it possible for other to eat and cook and have time together”

Ali is looking forward to encouraging her clients to do more with their wedding budgets and their big dreams.  “I have long believed that the kind of self-sacrificial love that marriage entails is exactly the kind of love that will change the world,” Ali writes on her blog, “At the end of the day, if all you walk away from your wedding day with are some lovely images I have failed you.  I want all my couples to know that their marriage makes a difference and that good marriages are the difference the world needs.”
People, businesses, congregations, and community groups have joined in the life-changing work of World Relief Seattle in many creative ways. We are looking forward to being able to bless many new refugee families this year on behalf of Ali Hormann Photography, the couples she photographs, and #MarriedForGood.

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