The People in the Masses

Sofia recently worked with refugees as an AmeriCorps member at World Relief Seattle, getting to know people as they looked for their first jobs. World Relief is grateful for her service and her insightful perspective.


By Sofia

People are paying attentionsyria sunset to refugees. When I scroll through my Facebook feed, in between the selfies and #tgif’s, there are stories, and articles, and calls to action about the high number of refugees around the world and the fact that something needs to be done to help. There are stories about the people who have drowned on boats, who are stuck in Serbia, or Hungary, the children without families, or the people who have been granted asylum but still have a long journey before they feel at home in their new countries. These stories are true, and they are important. People deserve to have their stories told.

Yet, I feel uncomfortable.

I feel uncomfortable because there is a disconnect between the stories in the media and the refugees and asylum-seekers whom I know and have worked closely with throughout the past year. Many of the people I know…

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