12 Days of Christmas

This year for the Christmas season, World Relief Seattle is inviting you to participate in a giving campaign at the beginning of December. Each day between the 1st and the 12th, we will be asking for a different item that will be given directly to new refugee families.  These items range from Soccer Balls to Laptops and they will go a long way in making Seattle feel not just like another place families have fled to, but that this is now home and they are loved by the local community here.

We will be using an Amazon baby registry where you can purchase the items and have them shipped directly to our office.  If you already have a gently used version of the same item we are more than happy to accept those as well via our regular donations team which can be reached at seattleGIK@wr.org or by calling (253) 277-1121 x233.  These items are above and beyond the basic supplies which we already give to families when they arrive.  A full list of those household goods can be found here.

So that World Relief may properly record and thank you for your donation with a tax receipt, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL to seattleGIK@wr.org with your name, address, and what you purchased.  Also if you purchase through www.Smile.Amazon.com, Amazon will give a portion of each purchase to the charity of your choice.

Twelve Gifts This Christmas

Soccer Balls: Each year for our refugee Christmas Party at Calvary Chapel South, World Relief Seattle gives away around 120 soccer balls to refugee youth who have arrived to Seattle in the last year.  This year we want to continue that tradition by giving away 150 new soccer balls.

soccer ball

In the next year 150 kids from at least 20 different countries will start school in King County.  For some of them it will be there first chance to go to school, even though they were old enough before, but weren’t able to during their refugee journey here.  Having the right supplies and a sturdy backpack goes a long way in their academic success and adjusting to a new school and a new place.


Rice Cookers:
 Rice is the staple food for more than 1.6 Billion people around the world particularly in Asia, Latin America, parts of Africa and the Middle East where many of our refugee friends are arriving from.  A high quality rice cooker can free parents up to spend more time with their children rather than spending time over a stove.


Mobile Phones:
A cell phone can be a lifeline for someone who is trying to navigate a new city with new challenges.  It’s the first thing we reach for in an emergency and the first thing we use when we get lost. A phone is a link to service providers, to employers, and, with Skype enabled, to family now living very far away. Click here to have one sent to a refugee family today!


Diapers…Size 3 and 4:
 A new baby brings joy and happiness to a family and a lot of new expenses too. When we sit down with families and go over monthly budgets, diapers always pop up as a huge expense that parents worry how to afford. Click here to have diapers sent to a new family today!


Baby Strollers: 
 As a family learns how to navigate their new home town, they often do so by bus or on foot. Kids grow quickly so we have two different sizes of strollers on the registry.  As with many of the items, we also take the gently used version. If you have an old stroller that you would like to donate to a family contact our donations team at seattleGIK@wr.org. Or click here to have a new one sent to a family today!


The apartments that families first move into have most modern amenities like a refrigerator, an oven and a stove, but they don’t come with microwaves.  A microwave isn’t a necessity, but it sure helps when you want to heat up some injera for an after school snack. Click here to have one sent to a refugee family today!


Keeping a home clean is a large part in making a new apartment feel safe and warm, and most families’ first apartment is carpeted.  Many refugee friends commonly request vacuums for their homes. Click here to have one sent to a refugee family today!


Infant and Child Car Seats: 
Car seats are a necessary part of modern life and the transportation of newborns and young children. Like diapers, strollers, and clothing kids grow out of them very quickly, so you’ll find a few different sizes on our wish list. Also, once used in one family, unexpired carseats are frequently passed to other new families within the refugee community. Click here to have a new one sent to a refugee family today!


Bikes for kids are fun and a great way to get exercise, but for adults bicylces are sometimes a necessity.  Many refugees get jobs that are far from where they live and buses don’t always run during their commute. A bike is a great way for them to travel home from work or the bus terminal before they get their first car.  That is why this bike is built for adults.  P.S. We also have a helmet on the list too.  Safety first.  Click here to have a new one sent to a refugee family today!


A computer goes a long way in helping someone become self-sufficient here in the U.S. Kids can use it to do homework. Parents can use it to look for employment, pay bills, and keep tabs on public transportation. The whole family can use it to communicate with relatives back in their home country.  Click here to have a new one sent to a refugee family today!


A Van: 
This year World Relief staff went to SeaTac Airport 270 times to pick up new families arriving to Washington State.  Our vehicles help us transport those families to important appointments such as job interviews, doctors visits, kids first days of school and so many more.  This year for Christmas we would love a new 12 passenger van or mini-van to help continue that work. For questions about how to donate, please contact seattleGIK@wr.org or (253) 277-1121 x233.
Van Green

Thank you for considering giving a gift that will bless a new refugee family this Christmas season.

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