Taghreed: Redefining the Meaning of Homework

Dynotag 3“Ellie, would any of your job seekers at World Relief be interested in packaging for Dynotag?”

When Mary Jochum, Director of Business Development for Dynotag, a local technology start-up, asked me about this possibility, a flood of job seekers came to mind. In-home, part-time work is an ideal option for some World Relief job seekers. If one spouse has a job, a family has young children at home, or a job seeker has physical limitations, performing light work at home can be an ideal option for building work experience and earning supplementary income.

Our Employment Team identified four qualified candidates and took them to the Dynotag offices for interviews. Two were selected and began working part-time in the Bellevue office, packaging various Dynotag Smart Tag products. After a few weeks, the new employees were up to speed and began taking the packaging work home.

Dynotag 2Here’s what Murat Divringi, founder and CEO of Dynotag, says about one of their new employees, Taghreed: “Taghreed has been most efficient with all the assembly work we have sent her way – and did not hesitate to take initiative to resolve problems herself in order to keep the process going.  Her good communications, quick ramp-up with new tasks and positive attitude makes her a valuable asset for any organization.”

Dynotag 4Additionally, he commented on how the World Relief Employment Program has benefitted their company: “We love working with World Relief. The Employment Specialists are good listeners and quickly lined up a group of excellent candidates for the product assembly work we had. The workers we engaged are attentive and hard working. It has been a very positive experience for our growing company to work with WR referred personnel. It makes business sense for us and we feel good helping new residents build their work skills as they become productive members of society. We look forward to working more with WR as our company scales up.”

DynotagOnce again, it’s a win-win for the World Relief Employment Program. While newly-arrived refugee job seekers gain experience and earn income, a local employer gains excellent employees.

Thank you, Dynotag, for your continued support of World Relief Seattle!

Learn about Dynotag at http://dynotag.com – and check out their product line assembled by WR workers at their online store at http://store.dynotag.com.

For more information about hiring refugees in the Seattle area like Taghreed, go to worldreliefseattle.org/employarefugee/.

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