Abdelmajid: Man of Steel

A foundry is a factory where metal gets melted down and poured into molds or casting to create an entirely new shape.  There is a foundry in South Seattle where that process happens day after day, and a man from halfway around the world plays his role in transforming that metal into something new.Abdelmajid 1

Abdelmajid arrived to Washington with his family of four a little over a year ago.  They fled their home country of Sudan, an area that has been in the news a lot over the past several years as it continues to heal from the ethnic cleansing in 2003 that displaced 2.7 million people from the region of Darfur.  Part of that healing meant the creation of the world’s newest country South Sudan, which has also been the scene of terrible clashes that have displaced people in the recent months.

For Abdelmajid, part of that transition here meant finding work and supporting his family in a new place and a new culture.  He has found that at North Star Casteel in Seattle.  According to his supervisors at North Star, “Abdelmajid is a very reliable hard worker. He picks new skills up very fast. He has become an integral worker at North Star Casteel. Abdelmajid is currently our best worker at pouring still and is learning how to become a melter. Everyone in the foundry is grateful to have Abdelmajid as part of the company.”Abdelmajid 3

The staff at North Star Casteel are more than happy with Abdelmajid’s work performance. He is never late, works fast, learns quickly, and is a great team worker. Since he started in 2013, Abdelmajid has moved up through three different positions because, as he himself puts it, his managers see him working hard and working safely. His excellent work ethic led to these job promotions.

Abdelmajid acknowledges that working at a steel foundry is not an easy job. It’s hot and dirty, and can be dangerous as well. “It’s hard, but I like it,” He says. It’s a good job that he has thrived in since his first day. Abdelmajid 2

He hopes to keep learning and growing with the company, and maybe even become a supervisor one day.  The transformations that take place here are not simply metal being formed into something new, but workers like Abdelmajid are also being reshaped here as well.

For more information about hiring refugees in the Seattle area like Abdelmajid, go to worldreliefseattle.org/employarefugee/.

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