Younis: Hospitality in Work and Life

Younis4You can’t help but smile when you see Younis. His face lights up when he’s talking, making you think that he’d like to be friends with just about everyone he meets.

Since he arrived to the United States in early 2013, he’s been making new friends, rapidly learning English, and growing in his role at the Courtyard Marriott located in Pioneer Square.

When Younis started working at the Marriott in April 2013, he brought both a good attitude and previous hotel work experience with him. He started as a dishwasher and then, six months later, was promoted to a new position in the maintenance department.

Younis speaks very highly of his employer, saying how much he enjoys working with his coworkers; the discounts, incentives, and days off; and the opportunity for employees to move around to other positions within the company.Younis5

On a recent visit to the Marriott, Younis walked me through his job, showing me the care that he puts into maintaining and cleaning each hotel room with great detail. He reminded me that hotel guests are paying a lot of money to stay at the hotel, so it’s his job to make sure the room is spotless. From changing the air filter, to vacuuming behind the bed, to wiping the dust off of the picture frames, Younis provides excellent service at the Marriott.

According to Tim, the maintenance manager at Pioneer Square Courtyard Marriott, Younis is very active and “loves to do it all.” Because Younis is still learning English, Tim has learned a few creative ways to teach Younis new tasks, such as physically showing him instead of only verbally telling him about how to do new things.

When he’s not working, Younis takes English classes at Highline Community College and volunteers at a local not-for-profit coffee cart.Younis Coffe shop 2

Younis is a vibrant member of his community, bringing joy to all those he works with, learns with, and volunteers with. I hope you have the opportunity to meet him someday!


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  1. Pat Mock

    I love seeing refugees we have come to know and love succeed. They start wherever they can. However, because of their hard work and determination and perseverence they advance a little at a time, but they do advance. To:


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