Wasi – A Star of Star Protection

Wasi - Front Desk“Co-workers and clients rave about his work ethic.”

Wasi’s supervisor, Matt Bradley, has nothing but accolades and praise for Wasi. Others must feel the same way, too – one month after he started working for Star Protection Agency, he was awarded Officer of the Month for his attention to detail, composure under pressure, and constant striving to ensure safety and security.

Working in a security position with American co-workers was not a new role for Wasi. In Afghanistan, he worked at the United States Embassy. When he came to the United States, he brought with him excellent English communication skills and a plethora of security experience.

After arriving to the United States, Wasi realized how difficult it is to get a job here. Though he started in a more entry-level position than he had been working at in Afghanistan, he was thankful to get a job. He recognized that everyone has to make a first step in the American work force, and that opportunities would follow as he gained experience in the United States.

After receiving the Officer of the Month award for his outstanding work performance, Wasi felt like his coworkers recognized his motivation and dedication to working hard. He felt affirmed and more a part of the Star Protection Agency family.

Star ProtectionOn the brink of his one year anniversary at Star Protection Agency, Wasi continues to enjoy working with friendly and cooperative colleagues. He continually impresses his supervisor, clients, and colleagues, such as when he changed all of the clocks during daylight savings time even though it wasn’t on his list of duties. And, according to his supervisor, the “positive attitude that he exudes is very contagious.”

Just like his supervisor, the World Relief Seattle staff has been truly honored to get to know Wasi and his family as they become a part of our community. We look forward to watching him continue to positively influence his workplace and community, and for him and his family to flourish in America.

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