One Life Changing the World

For years, people came to Lloyd Evans with questions about paint. What is the best brand? Which color combination works? Eggshell or semi-gloss? With 33 years of experience at a Renton hardware store, he had many loyal customers.  When retirement came, Lloyd didn’t know what to do with all of his free time.

“I was going to work around the house. But I really missed being around people.”

Around this time, Lloyd’s church sponsored a large Kurdish refugee family. Partnering with World Relief, Maple Valley Presbyterian Church helped the family find an apartment, learn English, and adjust to life in Seattle.  “My church friends invited me to a picnic with the Kurdish family. I wasn’t really interested.” However, when the day of the picnic arrived, Lloyd didn’t have plans, so he decided to go.

That day forever changed his life. Learning about the plight of refugees touched his heart, and he decided that he needed to do something to help. He thought he would deliver furniture donated by church members to refugee families.

Cal Uomoto, then director of World Relief Seattle, said,  “Lloyd has touched the lives of nearly 4,000 refugees through simple acts of kindness.”

Nearly half of the families World Relief has settled in King County have at least one item in their apartment from Lloyd.   A few years ago, Lloyd won the Jefferson Award, sponsored by the American Institute for Public Service. He is honored as an “ordinary person who does extraordinary things for others.”

Lloyd no longer has people asking him about paint. But he gets plenty of questions about furniture and refugees. Lloyd is the bridge—connecting Americans who want to give their used furniture with refugee families needing the basics for a new life.

For more information about donating furniture and other household items to refugees please click here.

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