Khadra: (Re)uniting across generations

Written By: Vanessa Reaves, World Relief Seattle Employment Specialist

After working as a housekeeper for five years, Khadra decided to resign. She explained that she and her husband could manage when she only had one little baby, but when the second baby came along, working as a housekeeper was just too much. “This one needs me too much!”

Khadra fled from Somalia as a young child in 1990. She had been visiting an uncle in a nearby village, when her own village was attacked – scattering her mother and siblings to unknown locations. Soon after, the village where Khadra was living with her uncle was attacked, forcing them to seek refuge in Ethiopia. At the end of 2006, when Khadra arrived from Ethiopia to the US as a young single woman, she still was unsure where her mother was living.

A couple years after she had started her life in the US, she found her mother living in Kenya! In April of 2013, Khadra and her husband began the process to petition for her mother and siblings to join her here in Washington. After 23 years, Khadra will see her mother, and Khadra’s mother will be able to cradle and cuddle her young grandchildren for the very first time.

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