A Family Reunion


Sameer’s family in their home in Kent

Written by: Scott Ellis, World Relief Seattle Volunteer Coordinator

When we hear the term Spring Break, we think about family vacations to Disneyland, the Grand Canyon or Hawaii.  For Sameer’s family, it meant that his brother would be driving the 505 miles from Boise Idaho to Kent Washington.  This was no ordinary Spring Break vacation.  Sameer and his brother would be reunited after 3 years.  After travelling the 6,197 miles from Iraq to Washington State, there was still a gap between Sameer’s family and his brother living in Idaho.  His brother’s family’s Spring Break vacation to Kent meant that the gap would be closed for one week.

On a sunny Friday afternoon, the van pulled into the Kent Meridian High School parking lot and the two brothers embraced for the first time in three years.  There had been a lot of Skype chats and phone calls using calling cards, but this was the first time they were able to see each other face to face.  It was the first time they got to see how big all of their kids had gotten in the past 3 years.  I can only imagine what they talked about that week, and how bittersweet it must have been to have to say goodbye again so the kids could go back to school.  I’m sure that they can’t wait until Summer vacation.

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