Dler: An Example of Humble Service

Written by: Ellie McDermott, World Relief Seattle Employment Specialist

“Do you need any help? Just tell me what time to be there.”

“I saw a ‘now hiring’ sign down the street from my company – you should take refugees to apply there!”

“I can give them a ride. It’s no problem.”

These kinds of words are not uncommon when talking with Dler – he is always offering to help out at World Relief. He helps newly-arrived refugees by interpreting for them at orientation meetings, taking them shopping for food, answering questions, and giving them rides.

But Dler is no ordinary volunteer; he himself is still learning how to live in this new country as a newly-arrived refugee, having arrived in late 2012.

Dler participates in World Relief both as a recipient of employment services and as a volunteer. He extends the services that the World Relief staff is able to provide to newly-arrived refugees through using his English-language skills, his emerging understanding of systems that refugees need to navigate, and his vehicle.

Dler is not the only refugee who volunteers soon after they arrive to the United States; many recently-arrived refugees are tremendously giving of their time and talents, helping the World Relief staff to welcome and help other refugees.

At World Relief, many refugees not only receive assistance, they also are eager to help out. From interpreting at appointments, cooking the first meal for a newly-arrived family, or helping move furniture to an apartment, there are many ways newly-arrived refugees serve.

Thank you, Dler, for being such a tremendous example of service, and for using your unique skills to help other newly-arrived refugees as they begin their lives in America!

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