Cyrus: The Value of “The Extra Mile”

Written by: Mark Cutshall

It wasn’t the first time Gary and his wife, Judy, had opened their home to a new refugee family, however it may have been the most memorable for this couple volunteering to help the refugee resettlement work of World Relief Seattle. One evening, Gary found himself talking to his host, a husband and father and Muslim from Iran named Mohammad.

“Have you ever read the Bible?” asked Gary.

“Yes,” replied Mohammad.

“Would you like to church with me?” Again, Mohammad said, “Yes.”  Yet, instead of taking Mohammad to the church he and Judy attend, Gary drove Muhammad 30 miles to and from Redmond so Mohammad could attend the nearest Iranian church.

A few weeks after he and his family moved into their own apartment, Muhammad phoned Gary about a dream he’d just had, a dream in which Mohammad heard a voice calling out: “Cyrus! Cyrus! Cyrus!”

“What you do make of the voice?,” asked Gary.

“I think it was Jesus calling me by a new name,” said Mohammad. “I want to be baptized. I want my new name to be Cyrus.”  That’s where Mohammad’s new life journey began — in the Iranian church Gary had driven him to that one Sunday.

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