Zo Biak: A Man with a Big Heart

Written by Medard Ngueita, World Relief Seattle In-Kind Donations Coordinator

Zo Biak is one of our newly arrived refugees. He is married and has one boy. On top of his commitment to learn as much as he can about life in America, Zo Biak has another great passion: helping others.

When I first showed up in one of the ESL classes to ask for someone to help set up an apartment for new refugee family, Zo Biak eagerly volunteered for it. Since that day, He requested to be called at any time help is needed. He gave me his cell and home phone number for that purpose. He always has great joy and happiness to help others. This passion was with and in him. One day, he helped set up an apartment for a new refugee family scheduled to arrive the next day. As we did not have a dresser, we came back two days later with one and the family was so happy. Zo Biak was with me and when we left the apartment—he told me that it is a blessing to be able to assist and see the joy in other people when they arrive.

Zo Biak got a job couple of months later.  Even though he was working full-time, Zobiak came and visited me in the office one day saying that he enjoyed helping with apartment set-ups and that I can call him when he is off work to help. Zo Biak is just one of our refugees giving back to the community.

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