Taghreed: First Day of Work Feast

Written by: Ellie McDermott, World Relief Seattle Employment Manager

I sat down to eat my lunch of hastily-thrown together stir-fried vegetables when my coworker, Santa, entered the lunch room.

Tagreed“Taghreed!” She exclaimed and ran out of the room.

My mind raced to decipher what had happened. I looked at the clock – it was 12:30pm, an hour after a client, Taghreed, was scheduled to start her first day of work as a packager at a bakery in Kent.

Thinking that Taghreed hadn’t shown up for Santa to drive her to work, my heart skipped a beat and I quickly ran to Santa’s office.

“Is everything okay?” I asked Santa. “Is Taghreed at work?”

Santa was holding out a heavy plastic bag to me.

“Taghreed made you dolma as a thank you gift for finding her a job,” Santa told me. She had forgotten to give it to me and remembered when she saw me eating my lunch.

On more than one occasion during the job search process I had told Taghreed that I loved dolma, a Middle Eastern stuffed vegetable dish. She had remembered and, quite thoughtfully, made some dolma for me – on her first day of work no less!

Taghreed’s dolma is just one example of the generosity and thoughtfulness (not to mention delicious cooking skills!) of the people I work with at World Relief.

It is truly a blessing it is to work with such amazing people!

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