Jacob: Design for a Beautiful New Life

Written By: Ellie McDermott

“My life before was stolen,” Jacob reflects on his life before coming to the US.

Observing Jacob interact with his coworkers, it’s hard to imagine him without a smile on his face and a joke on the tip of his tongue.

Ellie; JacobAfter Jacob fled his home county of Iraq, he lived in Lebanon for four years. During this time, he says that his life was consumed with work and sleep – there was no time to spend with friends and he was constantly afraid of getting picked up by the police. He felt as if he was dead – just barely surviving but not thriving.

Now, he says, his life is beautiful.

Jacob started working at a small West Seattle printing company just weeks after he arrived to America in 2012. He had no experience in the screen printing industry, but the company decided to take a chance with him.

Jacob started as a cleaner, but over time learned how to do screen printing, embroidery, inventory, and design. His English improved so much that he occasionally worked with customers, helping them design their products.

His manager described Jacob as an all-around person, completing tasks that other staff members don’t have time to complete. He is humorous, has a good attitude, and is a great team player.

Jacob hopes to own his own business someday, and is well on his way as he continues to improve his English and gain valuable work skills and experiences.

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