Maung: Unlikely Provision

Written by: Chelsey Brown, World Relief Seattle Caseworker

A Burmese family of 4 with a baby on the way.

No job and no prospect of a job.

No way to pay next month’s rent or bills.

No hope for the future.

Maung, his wife and two small boys arrived in the US unaware of what their future held, but hopeful they could begin a new life in Kent.  However, life was not what they expected, it was a struggle. Maung who came from a refugee camp in Malaysia had little English and he had no real job history or skills that would help with him getting a job. At the end of his resettlement period (the 90 days I have to work with a case), I was not hopeful for them that they would be able to survive and be successful here.  This is how I left them.

This is how I found them: 2 years later Maung came to the office unexpectedly. I asked him how he was doing, unaware if the answer would be positive or negative. I was happy to hear that Maung was doing very well. He was working full time hours, he had a car and was driving, and he had upgraded to a nicer apartment.

Although it might not be evident at the time, God is working and providing in the lives of the most vulnerable and needy, in the lives of refugees.

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