Yonas: The Ten Year Club

Written by: Ashlee O’Malley, World Relief Seattle Match Grant Coordinator

Soon after he started working at the Mayflower Park Hotel, Yonas saw a group of employees gathering for an outing and he wondered what they were doing. When he found out that they were members of the Ten Year Club, a group of employees who have worked at the hotel for more than ten years, he knew he wanted to become part of this club someday.

Ashlee; YonasHis manager, Brenda Bible, says she can see him being a longtime employee at the Mayflower Park Hotel. She describes him as energetic, trustworthy, a team player, eager to learn, flexible, and well-liked by his fellow employees. She says that if Yonas’ coworkers ask him to do something, they can trust that he will complete the task.

When Yonas first started at the Mayflower Park Hotel, he felt very shy. The building was a confusing maze to him and he needed help learning how to do the many duties that a houseman fulfills.

Now, he says, he has many friends, he knows the building well, and the managers even voted him Employee of the Month 11 months after he was hired!

Brenda is proud to say that Yonas is an employee that she learned about from the World Relief Employment Program. After working with the Employment Program since spring 2011, Brenda is confident that they know what their hotel is looking for in prospective candidates. Additionally, she appreciates that they screen prospective candidates in advance, only bringing candidates that they think will be a good fit at the Mayflower. All Brenda has to do is call the team and tell them how many housekeeping candidates she needs.

Brenda reflects on her own experience at the hotel, which started over thirty years ago as a housekeeper. Now, as the manager, she understands that people need to get experience from somewhere. Yonas came to her with no houseman experience and quickly excelled in his job.

Yonas enjoys getting tips, cleaning the carpet with the shampoo machine (so he doesn’t have to go to the gym!), and having the means to financially support his family. He has a full life of working and studying English, and daily brightens the lives of his coworkers and guests of the Mayflower Park Hotel.

Good luck, Yonas! We hope you make it to the Ten Year Club!

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