Oskarr and Amirhoessin: Friendship, Reconciliation, and Candy

Written by: Chelsey ArmstOskarr and Amirhoessinrong, World Relief Seattle Intern

Since January I have been fortunate enough to intern with World Relief. After each day I walk out with a larger world view and more joy in my heart.  Two specific clients have taught me a lot, despite their age. Six-year-old Amirhoessin from Iran and five-year-old Oskarr from Iraq, display how childhood friendship can cross restrictive boundaries. The boy’s home countries are certainly not the best of friends, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming just that. Their friendship illuminates what can happen if we allow ourselves to cross boundaries and limits that are set up in society because of skin color, race, religion, gender, or ethnicity.  The other day I saw the boys from afar playing basketball at their apartment complex; I couldn’t help but to get a huge smile on my face. All of a sudden the boys spotted me and started running my direction. Both gave me a giant hug and then stuck out their hands offering me a ‘Now and Later’ (a chewy candy) from their pockets.

I believe we all need to take a hint from Amirhoessin and Oskarr. To lay down our differences, reconcile with one another and realize that the same red blood is flowing through us all. When reconciliation occurs we are able to realize the important things in life, such as a shared love for ‘Now and Laters’.

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