Why Stories Matter

“Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower, and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity.”
– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

As we move into summer, June brings us World Refugee Day on June 20th.  For the entire month, we plan to bring you a story of a different person who has come to the Seattle area fleeing persecution.  Please join with us as we honor these brave men and women, these refugees, as we share their stories.

Here is the list of the stories for the month of June:

June 1st Oskarr and Amir: Friendship, and Candy     Written by: Chelsey Armstrong

June 2nd Carlos Minutes Longer than Years                Written by: Luke Lorenzini

June 3rd Santa: From Client to Staff                               Written by: Ellie McDermott

June 4th Alex: Facing Deportation                                      Written by: Ashlee O’Malley

June 6th Maung: Unlikely Provision                                Written by: Chelsey Brown

June 7th Family: A Sweet Reunion                                   Written by: Alyssa Van Hofwegen

June 8th Jacob: Design for a Beautiful New Life          Written by: Ellie McDermott

June 9th Vibol: Pardoned to live                                          Written by: Mark Cutshall

June 10th Taghreed: First Day of Work Feast                    Written by: Ellie McDermott

June 11th Kurbin: Walking from Fear To Safety                Written by: Anonymous

June 12th Thair: Waking Up to Peace and Freedom         Transcribed by: Holly Andrews

June 13th Eranda: Growth at Global Venture                Written by: Ellie McDermott

June 14th Planting a New Community                                Written by: Ellie McDermott

June 15th Anatoliy: “Go to Your Countrymen…”               Written by: Anonymous

June 16th Abdulaziz: Learning to Walk                                 Written by: Mckenzie Campbell

June 17th Zo Biak: A Man with a Big Heart                      Written by Medard Ngueita

June 18th Aziz: Bon Appétit!                                                 Written by: Ellie McDermott

June 19th Cyrus: The Value of “The Extra Mile”               Written by: Mark Cutshall

June 20th Ashmi and Ayan:  March 14th, 2012                  Written by: Stephen Johnson

June 21st Vladimir: Joy in Being a Bad Driver                  Written by: Sarah Showell

June 22nd Dler: An Example of Humble Service              Written by: Ellie McDermott

June 23rd Amira: “What is this?”                                         Written By: Michelle Pallansch

June 24th As If a Wind                                                             Written By: Anonymous

June 25th Nickname No Longer Needed                            Written By: Scott Ellis

June 26th Spring Break Reunion                                           Written By: Scott Ellis

June 27th Are You My Brother?                                             Written By: Luke Williams

June 28th 22 Years later                                                           Written By: Lidija Rudenky

June 29th Reuniting Across Generations                             Written By: Vanessa Reaves

June 30th One Cup…at a Time                                                Written By: Jan Greene

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