Prayer for Immigration

Dear friend,


Before we get to this week’s immigration reform prayer focus, please take
a moment to thank God for prayers already answered!  Two weeks ago we prayed that leaders in the House of Representatives would overcome their remaining differences and agree on a bipartisan immigration reform bill.  Some observers predicted that the bipartisan “Group of Eight” Representatives would implode over irreconcilable differences.  Instead, they announced on Thursday that, after four years of negotiations, they had come to agreement in principle on all major issues, and expect to release their proposal during the first week of June!


Stephan-BaumanThen last week we prayed that the Senate Judiciary Committee would reject any amendments that would jeopardize final passage of an immigration bill.  Many such amendments had been proposed.  There were some tense moments and difficult negotiations, but in the end, the Committee voted down all “poison pill” amendments and adopted a bill that retains the bipartisan support of all eight sponsoring Senators.  The bill now goes to the full Senate for debate and a final vote later in June.


This week, pray that constituents will articulate a compelling vision for immigration reform as they meet with members of Congress who are home for the Memorial Day recess.  Every few weeks members of Congress spend a week back in their home states and districts, reporting back to constituents and taking their pulse on the issues being debated in Washington.  This is one of those weeks.  With all the recent progress,  a lot is on the line.  Opponents of legislation often use the recess periods to rally public opinion against congressional sponsors.  But by God’s grace, this week will be different.


Will you pray with us this week?  Immigration supporters throughout the country will be gathering for special prayer times this Thursday, May 30. Please consider inviting at least two other people to pray with you on Thursday.  And throughout the week, as God prompts you, pray that your elected leaders will open their hearts and minds to embrace legislation that will fix our broken immigration system and create new opportunities for our nation to thrive.


With great anticipation,


Stephan Bauman, President and CEO
World Relief
On behalf of the Evangelical Immigration Table

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