LINKS: Goats, Women Only Swimming and Refugee Re-“resettlement”


Planting new roots in Kent, WA.

  • Resettled refugees resettling again to Columbus Junction, Iowa. This is a growing trend across the country — refugees moving from their original resettlement city to work in small-town, chicken factories.
  • New-American farmers raise meat for the refugee community. Goat meat can be hard to find at your local Safeway. 
  • Learn more about who we are anticipating as our next major group of arrivals – the Congolese
  • Here are a couple videos highlighting the transition to the US for many refugees: The Paradise That Wasn’t shares the struggles of refugee youth in Baltimore, MD. New Roots is a mini-series by IRC about refugees gardening in the bronx. 
  • How culturally competent are you? Take the quiz to find out. 
  • A superb article by the Canadian Education Association on de-marginalizing refugee students. This is well-worth the read, especially for any educators. Here’s a teaser:

“Marginalization is a process, not a label – a process of social de-valuation that serves to justify disproportional access to scarce societal resources.  As social actors, we do this to others.”

  • Local Kent resident and refugee community leader, Charles Benea, shares his story of going from Sudan to Kenya and then to Washington State. 

Enjoy! Let us know if you hear about any other interesting stories.

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