In Memory of Bob Salisbury

Bob with one of his English students Ibrahim

Bob with one of his English students Ibrahim

It is with a heavy heart that we remember the life and legacy of Bob Salisbury our longtime ESL teacher and office manager who recently passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with Charlene and the entire Salisbury family.

There is a memorial service this coming Saturday, May 4th at 2:00pm at Eastridge Baptist Church in Kent.

Below are some memories about Bob from the World Relief staff. If you would like to share your own memory, please click the reply button…

“Bob Salisbury was a fixture at World Relief. For 16 years he taught a variety of English classes and served as the Kent Office Manager. For many, he was the face of World Relief, and what a friendly, affirming presence he had. Bob touched the lives of literally hundreds of refugee families over the years. His students absolutely adored him. Although his credentials and experience as an instructor were very impressive, what he will remembered for most of all is his huge heart. He cared deeply and personally for each of his students as well as fellow staff. We miss his wisdom, steadfast spirit of service and his silly jokes. We join Charlene and the Salisbury family in mourning this great loss and in celebrating a life well lived.”
-Luke Williams

“I am grieving the passing of a very generous and compassionate man. A very decent and widely respected man. He was highly knowledgeable yet very humble and approachable. He was my teacher, my mentor and my friend. One more friend of mine is gone. I will never forget you, Bob.”
-Lidija Rudenky

“As you know, Bob had sense of humor all the time. His way of saying goodbye was, “Tootle-loo.” If he would see that you’re very busy, he would say, ” Nothing to do?”  If we were sick he would always send ” Get well “ on yellow notebook sheet.  He would always ask about your family; if everyone was okay.  If a refugee got a job he would say, ”You will be rich, bring some money to me”. He made coffee every morning, with no exception, and praying for staff every morning too. There was a time when we had staff meetings and manager meetings in Seattle office and I gave him a ride a lot, he would always show me his secret shortcuts to Seattle and on the way home we took Bob’s shortcuts too. If we said that we are going on vacation, he would say; “Again?” He was teaching multi culture classes all the time and he learned a few words in Ukrainian and would always use them, ”chu tak- chu tak”, which means ether – or.  I miss Bob.  He was a real Godly man, showing good examples and being a Father for me.”
-Antonina Bozhko

Bob always added his traditional sayings to his teachings that were absorbed into his refugee students’ vocabularies.  Luke also remembers some more of them.

“That’s keen.” Or, “just swell”.
-Luke Lorenzini

 “I’ve  been a volunteer forWorld Relief for 16    years.  That’s where I met Bob, who was teaching the ESL class.  He would like me to visit, so that the a class could practice introducing themselves.  They would go around the table and say their names and what countries they were from.  Bob was an excellent teacher, but had a  very serious nature. Of course, I don’t have a serious bone in my body.  He soon learned to dish it out right back at me.  He’d see me come and say “What do you want?” or if I  visited him at his     home he’d  say, “What are you doing here?” and maybe he’d shut the door on me !  I enjoyed visiting him and his lovely wife and remember the warm hospitality I received.  I have a great respect for his Christian faith and will miss the many fun times we shared.”
-Lloyd Evans

“Bob was always an example for me as a good Christian and a true friend. I will always remember him.  There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go.”
-Alla Kalchik.

“You always smiled when you were around Bob – it was impossible not to! Everyone I met who knew Bob had a positive word and fun story to share about him – his warmth and humor touched so many. The World Relief Seattle family will dearly miss him.”
-Ellie McDermott

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