Lunch Break Links: Immigration, Healthcare and Local News

Friendship is good.

Friendship is good.

Here are some interesting links to entertain you on your lunch break:

  • Beauty abounds at an Iraqi refugee’s new job, which happens to be at a Seattle cultural staple.
  • A summary of the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013,” also known as Immigration Reform. Action. Steps. Here.
  • A wonderful video resource to help us understand the difficult adjustment faced by refugee families and youthA New Day and Be Who You Are are also both available in Farsi, Nepali and Somali.
  • A Religious Call to Action: Supporting LGBT Refugees within Communities of Faith. A highlight from the video, “Our faith communities are called to reach out and embrace people where we are, as we are (5:09).”
  • And the illustrious, stating-the-obvious-award goes to: Friendships help people!  Turns out that mentoring helps improve employment outcomes for refugees and immigrants. (Sarcasm intended)


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