Officer of the Month


Wasi Abdul Sultani arrived to SeaTac International Airport in August of 2012. One of our caseworkers picked him up and took his family of 5 to their new apartment (and new life) in Kent. Like many of our clients, much of their transition has been quite the paradox – a combination of joyful moments and difficult challenges that only they can describe.

In January, Wasi interviewed for a Security Officer position with Star Protection Agency in Seattle. We didn’t hear anything for a few weeks, so our employment team started to look into other options. It turned out that the company went with another, more qualified candidate for that position.

A couple week later, Wasi was featured in a story by KIRO Radio’s Rachel Belle. He was volunteering as an interpreter for a newer family from Iran. On the show, World Relief was trying to promote our Refugee Project – a simulation program that aims to raise awareness about refugees in our community.

Here are some highlights from the actual article:

These people are living among us, they’re passing us on the streets, they’re shopping beside us; but we don’t know their stories. We don’t know that Wasi speaks 5 languages. That he held a high status job in Afghanistan but can’t find a job in his field here. “If I’m going to go to work in a restaurant and wash the dishes because of my children, I can force myself to do that,” Wasi says. “But that’s not a job that I want.”

Little did we know, the hiring managers at Star Protection heard Wasi’s story on the radio. I’m not sure how much this actually affected their final decision, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt. Two weeks later, Wasi was called in for a second interview and he was hired shortly thereafter.

In April, Wasi was recognized as Star Protection’s Officer of the Month. It’s certainly no surprise to us.

Congratulations, Wasi. Your story continues to inspire us.

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