Employment Highlight: Baudha

Written by: Ellie McDermott, Photography by: O’Malley Photographers

If someone is given a dirty plate or cup, they won’t want to come back and eat at our café, Baudha explains.


Baudha certainly seems to understand the importance of his dishwashing job at the Essential Baking Company in Madison Park. He knows that if he doesn’t do his job well, customers won’t be happy, business will slow down, and there will be less hours for him and his coworkers to work. So he works quickly and thoroughly, offering to help his coworkers when he has finished his dishwashing tasks.

According to his manager, Tabitha Bates, Baudha is the type of employee that every manager hopes to have on their staff. He greets everyone with a smile and looks as if he is constantly enjoying his job. He is positive, punctual, hardworking, and is an asset to their team.
Not only does Baudha bring positivity and a strong work ethic, he has adopted a system to ensure that he does his job well throughout the day. Instead of washing a whole stack of plates at once, he’ll wash a few plates, a few bowls, a few cups, and so on. He’s learned that this method allows him to always have clean dishes available for the café patrons.

Tabitha further explains that having Baudha on their staff has been a wonderful learning experience for everyone on their staff. Baduha brings diversity, as well as opportunities for staff members to find creative ways to communicate, such as visually showing him how to complete a task instead of just explaining it to him. She says it’s a neat experience to see her staff making cross-cultural connections.O'Malley_Photographers-006

The Essential Baking Company is very busy, Tabitha explains, so she appreciates that she can utilize the services of the World Relief Employment Program when she has any questions or needs help communicating with Baudha. Additionally, she says that World Relief is a great resource for referrals for open positions.

Baudha hopes to stay with the Essential Baking Company for a long time, and continue to learn about how to do other tasks in the kitchen. In order to continually learn on-the-job, Baudha helps out in the prep area when possible, and is learning the names of American foods the use at the café. With his positive attitude and initiative, Baudha has a recipe for success!

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